Torn Asunder



TORN ASUNDER is a first-person melee combat action game set during primal times.

Fight through waves of enemies as you tear off their limbs and use them as weapons, all while exploring congested and hostile landscapes that will test your mettle.


Key Features:

  -|-  Tear off a limb, use it as a weapon. Each enemy type has a limb with unique properties for combat, while fast-degrading durability keeps you on the move for the next weapon, and the next kill.

  -|-  Agile combat: circle-dash around enemies, wall-run to cover distance, wall-jump to prep a smash attack. Throw your weapon for a ranged attack, counter an enemy when there's no room to breath, and much more.

  -|-  The swamp house of a crazed shaman, the sacrificial grounds of the First Tribe, and more. Fight in handcrafted arena-like environments, each with its own dangers to take heed of.

  -|-  Culminating each environment is a boss fight that will push you towards your edge. Use every tool you have to survive these merciless demons.

  -|-  Compete against friends or global players as you perfect your score for each arena.

  -|-  A mid-poly, gritty, painterly aesthetic presents a fractured old world alongside environmental storytelling, brought to life in Unreal Engine 4.